New York Fashion Week 2018

February 22, 2018




Trying this thing where I'm letting my fear fuel me. For some reason there's a big part of me that's terrified about going to New York on Wednesday. I think what's got me so scared is the fact that I am ultimately traveling alone, and I've never been to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) or New York City in general. I have no idea what to expect. I got this vision in my head a month ago that I needed to experience and photograph NYFW. I put a lot of energy into emailing and reaching out to different outlets to make this happen. The only thing I didn't prepare for was for this to actually happen. 





Pamella Roland Fall/Winter Show 

Pier 59 Studios




In general, the event was a lot less intimidating than I had initially expected. I've gone to fashion shows before and this was just like that but with more hype built around it and a lot more paparazzi. 


Something I didn't expect of NYFW:

You know how at intimate performances or events it can feel rude to be on your phone instead of completely submerged into the experience? Going into Fashion Week, that was the kind of attitude I expected but it turned out to be exactly the opposite. In fact it would have seemed rude to have not been on your phone at the event. The audience was made up entirely of content creatives such as myself--bloggers, photographers, stylists, vloggers--you name it. All switching from cameras to phones to document the experience in it's entirety. 




So how did I actually end up at this NYFW event? 


 When I decided I wanted to go to NYFW, it was only a month beforehand which seemed like plenty of time to find myself a photo gig. I couldn't have been more naive. Designers, media sources, brands, they all have NYFW figured out at least six months ahead of time. The more I reached out to find opportunities, the more naive I knew I was being. 




Two weeks before NYFW,  one day before I absolutely HAD to have something figured out (before flight prices skyrocketed), my fashion blogger friend from Akron, @zafiahmed, texted me. Her text changed everything. She told me that she'd gone to NYFW for the past 4 seasons, and was planning on going again this time around but at the last minute she couldn't make the trek out to NYC. She told me she could forward me her invite emails in exchange for me posting stories of the event for her on her instagram account. Excitedly, I accepted her deal and to get into this event, I gave her name at the door. No one ID'd me, no one questioned me at all. I had successfully snuck my way into NYFW. 



Photos and Collaborations





Here's a little video I put together from clips I captured. I'm still so new to vlogging--I forget to vlog so this is kind of a jumble but I'll get better.


Thank you for reading & viewing & stay hyped for the next post.




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