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Sarah & Cory: A wedding on film

Their love story in Sarah's words: "We met in high school! We were friends forever, went to the same college, playing music together and were always just friends who were kind of crushing on eachother. I moved away to go to school in Boston, and then Spain - and he moved to Abu Dhabi. I ended up in Brooklyn, NY and Cory ended up back in Cleveland. In 2018 when I was living in New York - Cory came to visit me with our friend and his sister and on his last night in town I FINALLY got him to kiss me. Longest courtship ever but after that we never looked back".

I met Sarah first when she performed as Cavale at a SoFar Sounds in my studio, Studio Pop Shell. Her personal style, voice, and stage presence was so drawing I asked her if I could photograph her some time. When we did our shoot, her and Cory had just gotten engaged! I got to meet him at the House of Blues when Cory, Sarah, and the rest of their band for Cavale played. We did engagement photos shortly after and I was so honored when they asked for me to photograph their wedding day. Sarah and Cory have quickly become my friends and it was so incredibly special to be with them and to capture genuine moments they'll treasure forever.

Photo story below showcasing their Classic, Elegant, Ballroom, ehe Ballroom at Park Lane in Cleveland, Ohio on Black and White film.


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