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Marfa, TX and the 50 Hour Journey

What would you drive 50 hours to get to? For me, that place was Prada Marfa in Marfa, Texas.

This was a destination to me because of the infamous Prada Marfa. Prada Marfa is a permanent installation made back in 2005 by Elmgreen and Dragset. It is essentially a resembled Prada store placed in the middle of the desert. And to me, it is surrealism in real life. There is something about it that is so intriguing and magical to me, especially after seeing imagery of it online for years, but never actually meeting someone in real life who had actually been there themselves.

It is crazy enough for one person to want to drive 50 hours just to photograph this one random place. But it is even crazier that I was able to convince 4 other of my Cleveland creative friends to join me. And for that, I am so lucky.

This was the final group:

Ali, Rubeen, Me, Jada, & Amanda

Other stops we made along the way were to Cincinnati, OH, Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, Dallas, TX and of course Marfa, TX.

Here's the photo journal below:

Cincinnati, OH

Nashville, TN

Memphis, TN

Dallas, TX


Where would you drive 50 hrs to get to?


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