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Emma & Alex: A Raw Pittsburgh Wedding

Emma and Alex shared their story with me and it goes like this:

There’s a long version and a short version.  The short version is that Alex liked Emma’s OKCupid profile; Emma sent him a bizarre email asking him to interpret a dream she had (he’d said on his profile he was into this sort of thing); they exchanged long funny emails; he asked her out; he disappeared; he emailed her from the ER to let her know that he’d gotten pneumonia; he got better; a date was set.  They met at a speakeasy called Acacia, sat at the bar, and talked for six hours straight.

Last year, Emma and Alex went to Paris.  At the quietest, smallest fountain in the Garden of Versailles, Alex asked Emma if he’d marry her.

When it came to photos on their wedding day, Emma and Alex wanted the images to really reflect them and their day. They wanted them to be raw, full of emotion, and truly candid. I'm not talking the we're-going-to-fake-laugh-and-pretend-to-be-candid candids, I'm talking truly unposed candids. And honestly, those true candids were easy to capture because the love and emotion was so visible to all.

Their wedding took place at Choderwood in Pittsburgh. Enjoy their photo story below and get ready for all the feels!


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