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Brianne & Tim: A Cleveland Wedding

When I first met with Brianne and Tim, we met at the downtown Rising Star and they shared their beautiful story with me.

Here's how their story started:

Brianne and Tim knew each other through degrees of separation their whole lives. Their families were all friends from the old Euclid neighborhood they all grew up in. Brianne remembers seeing him when his mom would pick up his younger brother from her house when they were kids. They saw each other at parties in high school but that was about all. After college, Brianne was working at a local Euclid bar and Tim and his friends would come to it. That is when they really started talking and hanging out - eventually every night after work. Finally Tim asked Brianne to check out a bar with her and his friend. When he picked her up, it was just the two of them. The friend was mysteriously sick. From there on they were together everyday and that summer they fell in love.

Their wedding was the perfect city wedding. Getting Ready started out in the Kimpton Schofeild Hotel Downtown. The ceremony was at St Patrick's on Bridge. From there we broke off to take photos at the Cultural Gardens, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Tim's Firehouse. We finished just in time for the reception which was held at Gray's Armory. When asked to describe their atmosphere of their special day, they chose expressions like Classic, Contemporary, and Romantic. Enjoy their photo story below!


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