6 Creatives Meet for the First Time + Roadtrip to NYC

As the sun set, I looked out my apartment window to see Wallie Wanders halting to a stop in front of my building. It was getting dark, and fog (or exhaust) was rolling in as if Wallie were the Polar Express--looking specifically grand on my teensy one-way street. Isn’t it something--seeing something you’ve dreamed of from the internet envelope into the real thing?

So what is Wallie Wanders?

Wallie Wanders is an RV that an organization called the H uses as a physical version of their online platform—an online platform that connects creatives to creatives and to brands. Every month, selected members get the opportunity to travel on it. Since December it has gone from coast to coast. This trip in particular was taking 6 of us to New York City for the H’s Redline Magazine Launch Party. 2 from Chicago, 2 from Madison, WS, 1 from Grand Rapids, MI, and myself from Cleveland, OH.

The moment I stepped onto Wallie, I knew these strangers in the RV would become family. 4 days in and everyone really did feel like family. What worked so well was that all of us had the same priorities: taking photos, thrfiting, and finding good coffee. The big three. When I've traveled with friends and family I always feel like a burden with the amount I want to stop to take photos. This whole trip we were aligned with the idea of stopping to take photos with the added bonus of always someone to photograph.

Some things this trip taught me:

How to be Present Minded

Traveling with this group of creatives taught me to be present minded and I like it.

Because we knew one another from the internet, we didn't need go in depth into each others pasts to feel like we really knew one another. We just got to know eachother through present experiences. Through the adventures, the thrifting, the coffee preferences. I genuinely feel like through these real experiences, we've all created a closer connection and know eachother moreso than if we took the traditional route of getting to know each other.

To Go Along with the Ride

I have found serenity in letting someone else guide the way. I didn’t realize this was something I needed but I feel like I always take on the leadership role and it feels good to sit back and trust in someone else and to go with whatever happens. To go along with the ride. The whole trip was random in a good way. Random what stops we would be making and when. Does this terrify you? Try it out sometime.

When we were taking the train out of Manhattan to get back to where we parked Wallie (about an hour upstate New York), we missed our stop and ended up 10 miles away from Wallie because of it. We didn’t hither on the fact that we missed our stop, we simply figured out the most logistic way to fix our problem and executed that. The way I’ve been living its like if something goes wrong, even something minor like this, I take all the responsibility and blame in that. Even if no one else is putting that blame on me--I put it on myself. That mindset was me not going along with the ride.

Photo Journal

Thank you for following along this journey.



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