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 CHello There

My name is Lindsey Poyar and I am a twenty-something photographer and content creator based in Cleveland, Ohio. Born in Seal Beach, California, I moved with my family to the midwest when I was eight years old and have been here ever since. I graduated from a small liberal arts school, Baldwin Wallace University, in 2016 with a degree in Digital Media and Design and minors in Studio Art and Communications. I am a self taught photographer who is always learning.



Hi There, I'm Lindsey Poyar and I spend most of my time doing what I love most, photographing people and live music and having one heck-of-a-good- time while doing it.

I am versatile in what I shoot; ranging from wedding, portrait and music photography. Across all projects I focus on the unique utilization of color in my images.

Who do I love to work with the most? The dreamers, creators, & and doers. The ones who are doing things they are truly excited about. The ones who smile ear-to-ear when they tell me about the podcast they're starting, or the next venue they're performing at.

When I'm not shooting, I'm usually found at a local coffee shop (iced mocha please?), planning a new creative shoot, thrifting, or researching an itinerary for a new trip. 

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