Hello There

My name is Lindsey Poyar and I am a twenty-something photographer and content creator based in Cleveland, Ohio. Born in Seal Beach, California, I moved with my family to the midwest when I was eight years old and have been here ever since. I graduated from a small liberal arts school, Baldwin Wallace University, in 2016 with a degree in Digital Media and Design and minors in Studio Art and Communications. I am a self taught photographer who is always learning.

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I spend most of my time doing what I love most, photographing people and products and having one heck-of-a-good- time while doing it.

I am versatile in what I shoot; ranging from wedding, portrait, commercial and lifestyle photography. Across all projects I focus on the unique utilization of color in my images.

Who do I love to work with the most? The dreamers, creators, & and doers. The ones who are doing things they are truly excited about. The ones who smile ear-to-ear when they tell me about the podcast they're starting, or clothing designs they're launching.

When I'm not shooting, I'm usually found at a local coffee shop (iced mocha please?), making Korean Fried Chicken with my husband (omg I'm married!), listening to My Favorite Murder podcast, or researching an itinerary for a new trip. 



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So what's it gonna be like on an actual shoot? 

Let's just say it'll be pretty hard to keep a straight face when we work together. I'm all about getting amazing imagery and having one heck-of-a-good-time while doing it. 

Fun Fact: a lot of the people in my photos aren't used to being in front of the camera. Part of my process is getting to know my clients so I can make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. That being said, connecting with you is very important to me and the work we make together. So email me and let's get talking, get to know each other, and create something cool together. Not in your area? No problem--I am available for travel. Email to inquire.